I teach the way that I like to experience a workshop: create a stimulating environment for learning and experimenting, balanced with plenty of time for group and individual discussion. 

Private, 1:1 instruction     |     Small Group Workshops     |     Mentor Program

Contact me for details, questions, and to sign up. Thank you for your interest and continued support.



Private sessions are designed to offer a stimulating learning environment that focuses on your interests and skill level. 

  • Each session includes a mix of demonstration, experimentation and discussion. 
  • One-day or multi-day sessions available, to fit with your schedule. 
  • Sessions held in my working studio. 
  • Semi-private option: If you’d like to learn along with a fellow artist, contact me and we can discuss the option of semi-private instruction.
  • After you register, I'll send a materials list; many tools and supplies are provided.


Contact me for more details, questions, or to sign up.

Now scheduling one-on-one instruction.

I had read all I could find on oil and cold wax techniques and have done several oil and cold wax experimental paintings. It wasn’t until I recently worked with Mark that I finally have been able to achieve the effects I so admire in many oil and cold wax paintings—the rich layers of color and interesting textures. His teaching style and generosity with his knowledge helped me take my art to a new level. I couldn’t more highly recommend Mark’s workshops.   -   D. U.



abstract nature study 1.jpg

Abstract Landscape and Nature-Based Painting Using Oil, Cold Wax Medium & Mixed Media

This unique course gives artists a new way to work. Each day of the workshop includes: 

  • Work with Cold Wax Medium and learn how to incorporate this and other mediums into their current oil painting practice. 
  • Experiment with numerous methods to add texture, unique mark-making and layering to your paintings. 
  • Discussions on the importance of composition, planning and editing to incorporate abstraction into your landscape painting process.
  • Instructor demonstrations.
  • Hands-on exercises, using traditional and non-traditional application and mark-making tools. 
  • Individual and group critique sessions.

All workshops are small groups, to ensure individual attention and interaction.

NEW: April 7 & 8, 2018

Mainstreet Art Center, Lake Zurich, IL

All Levels Welcome

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NEW: April 19-22, 2018

Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts, Mineral Point, WI

All Levels Welcome

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NEW: October 5 & 6, 2018

Peninsula School of Art, Fish Creek, WI

Advanced Level

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More 2018 workshop dates coming soon.

I was so happy I took this workshop with Mark, and I recommend it to anyone interested in finding out how to add cold wax medium to their art practice. His way of teaching is very clear and understandable. He is extremely engaging, knowledgeable and approachable with any questions you have too. Many thanks!   -   A. M.

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Tools & Techniques to Add Cold Wax Medium to Your Painting Practice

Artists work with Cold Wax Medium and experiment with ways to incorporate this medium into their current oil painting practice. Cold Wax Medium offers a variety of methods to add texture, unique mark-making and layering to paintings. In addition to demonstrations, artists engage in hands-on exercises using traditional and non-traditional application and mark-making tools. The importance of composition, planning and editing in the painting process is discussed. Individual and group critique sessions are part of each workshop.

2018 workshop dates coming soon.

The 2-day Oil and Cold Wax workshop with Mark was truly transformational! I learned a variety of techniques and methods that have given me confidence to continue working with Cold Wax Medium. The combination of demos and hands-on exercises gave me an understanding of how to use the medium and apply it to my current painting practice. Mark was extremely positive and encouraging and provided constructive feedback to my work. Thank you Mark!   -   K. H.



Are you serious about your art and interested in taking steps to grow? Do you need support? Are you in search of focus? 

The Mentor Program offers personalized and private discussions with a focus on your interests, goals, development and work. 

Discussions include:

  • Feedback focused on you and your work
  • Critiques
  • Support
  • Body of work
  • Artistic style
  • Technique
  • Studio practice
  • Goals
  • Personal development

The Mentor Program is intended for the artist who is committed to investing in their growth. It’s open to artists who have worked with me in private sessions or small group workshops. (It isn’t a substitute for participation in a Small Group Workshop or One-to-One Instruction.)

  • 6-session commitment.
  • Regularly scheduled 60-minute sessions.
  • 1:1 meetings in-person, by phone, or FaceTime.

This is selective. We should work together only if it helps you to develop your art practice. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss how we can work together.